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Youth Waters Distributor Start-Up Package:

The Youthwaters distributorship team believes that its members should receive an exceptional value for joining. We know that if you are proud of your start-up package, it will be natural to spread the good news to your contacts.  With this in mind, your start-up package includes the following:

*     A replicable, personalized website with information on products, the company, the compensation plan, and application
       forms, with your name and email address.
       Your website is used to refer your clients and to retail products directly to consumers you bring in;
*     Online sales materials including: PDF files for printing your own brochures, online videos, and business cards in a
       Microsoft Office format;
*     Black and white copies suitable for duplication of product information,
*     Questions and answers, testimonials, company background;
*     An information mailer system designed to help you get the word out to your contacts ($10 value);
*     Safe online enrollment and credit card ordering using Secure Socket Layer Technology. We are the only ones who
       will ever see Your private information.

Please Note:  A Paypal account is required in order to be part of the Youthwaters distribution process, as this is how the system processes payments to and from members and purchasers.  Your replicated website and distributorship yearly cost is $10.00

Youthwaters Residual Referral Compensation Plan:

We offer Exciting Products designed for state-of-the-art health needs and other products that will help save money.  Our payment plan is simple and easy.  You will need to open a Paypal account and spend a minimum of $15.00 per month on our many exciting products using the Youthwaters autoship program. This will qualify you to receive a payment. All of your payments for now will be posted only through Paypal.  Youthwaters pays out a total of 50% commission on most of our wholesale products to your entire network.
Here is an example of how the Youthwaters system works with our current special:
$99.00 includes:
      *     $10.00 yearly signup fee.
      *     2 $35.00 each YW ionized pen's
      *    $9.00 1 Phenol Red testing dye
      *    $10.00 Box of Ph testing strips, and
      *    a free complimentary Negative Ion Bracelet valued at $25.00

Total product value: $124.00

If you sell this package to an individual for $99.00 you will receive a $15.00 Fast Start Bonus plus a 10% commission for a total of $25.00

Our Amazing & Unique One of Kind Products Can Help Every One - and YOU TOO!

YOU CAN ACHIEVE extra income because our system is simple and easy. Earn extra money to make that car payment or even a house payment. People are always looking for an extra income, especially in these challenging economic times. The products cost an average of $70.00, and some of our products are designed to save you money in the future. Our new simple system pays out 5 Levels deep. We are in a testing phase and the payout system will change in the future.

Here's is an example:

Jim buys $100.00 worth of products.  Then he signs up Mike and Mike signs up Marie and so on...  For each layer of products purchased, Jim receives 10%:

Level 1 Mike - Jim collects 10%                = $10.00
Level 2 Marie - Jim collects 10%              = $10.00
Level 3 Steve - Jim collects 10%              = $10.00
Level 4 Mindy - Jim collects 10%              = $10.00
Level 5 Betty - Jim Collects 10%              = $10.00   
Total Payout to Jim is 50%=$50.00

The system contains Unlimited Width.  This means, for example: Mike's business gross's $5,000.00 a month so Jim collects  $500.00; Marie's business grosses   $10,000 a month so Jim collects  $1,000.00; Steve's business grosses $7,000.00 a month so Jim collects $700.00, and so on.
Jim's monthly payout is $2,200.00 a month just three levels deep. 

This is only 1 leg.. You can start as many Leg's as you want..  Unlimited!!!

So what's the potential?

To begin with, I personally believe a goal should be to be able to pay for your product for free. Then as you raise your goals, go for your car payment..

YOU DECIDE how far to go and how many people to enroll......

Attain your dreams with Youthwaters and help people all around the world.. Make yourself healthy, then, help make others healthy too....

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