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Alkaline Ionized Pen  $19.00
Alkaline Ionized Thermos $34.95 Temp Sale:
PH Test Strips $10.00

The Nano Sceptre $70 Retail  $19.95 Temp Sale..
                                  We need your Testimonies!!!
Envision a healing tool that could help balance the flow of your life's energy force.
The YW NanoSceptre focuses on the mind, body, and soul by re-balancing the energy flowing throughout your body!!! Do you have aches and pains in your Back, Legs, Shoulders, etc? This Small New NanoSceptre Technology is amazing. We are getting Testimonies from everywhere!!! You Don't Have To live In Pain!! Pain is a memory that the body holds from the past. Remove the memory of the pain with the NSceptre and see the pain disappear. Seems impossible?  I thought so.. Well, it worked for me.
Our NSceptre contains 11 different natural minerals and crystals fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level intended to improve your health. Based on the zero-point energy principle, the NSceptre works on individual cells balancing the body's chi and speeding up the healing process. The NSceptre Specifically targets the immune and nervous system. By using the Nano Sceptre, these cells can be re-energized at a molecular level . We manufacture our own NSceptre and have a special technology that is one of the most powerful NSceptere in the world for a fraction of the price compared to units that cost over $300.00.The natural energy of the NSceptre may improve sleep patterns, decrease muscle tension, and improve the positive chi energy of the body when worn, carried or placed under your bed.

Save Time, Save Money, Reduce the Amount Of Chemicals In Your Home and Make Your Life Much Easier Doing the Tedious Task Of Laundry!
A Revolutionary New Way to Clean Your Clothes
That is Environmentally Safe and will Save You Water & Electricity!!
No SLS Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, No Petrochemicals, No Harsh Detergents, No Toxic Chemicals, No Animal Testing,   Save up to US$300 a year on Detergents and Bleaches using the Washing Balls.

Your Portable Thermos Transforms Your Water: The most powerful yet! Need energy?? Better Sleep?? Dragging?? Health Issues?? Our Products have been tested with digital metering equiptment and back what we say...
Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting water pH 5+ to 10+ More neutralizing power then before! (Other brands only increases pH by about two points) Very Long submerged times will Detox your body! So please be aware! Low negative ORP (typically reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential by -150mv or more) giving it strong and measurable antioxidant potential abundance of activated hydrogen also helps to eliminate active oxygen (free radicals) Small water molecule creates a very absorbable water. De oxidation process is visible - activated hydrogen bubbles are formed and Contains nano silver ceramic for anti-bacterial.  You will see the ion's in the water!!! Don't spend thousands on a electric ionizer these units do a lot more. Just the Same as the Alkaline Pen but more cost effective.

The Portable Water Pen changes bottled water (reverse osmosis preferred) into high pH, antioxidant, Alkaline micro-clustered (small water molecules. Up to 6 times more Hydrating), oxygenated alkaline drinking water Great for Everyday use and Traveling! Improve's taste of water with 40 minerals! Good for your pets too. Increase Energy, Get better sleep, Feel Better, Repair Help health issue's, Lose Weight!, The longer the water sits with the ionic tube submerged, the stronger the ionization and the higher the pH, up to pH 10+ and -150 orp or more. The Pen has a Shelf Life of approximately 1-2 month's depending on usage. This is our Stage 2 Alkaline highly ionized pen of our own manufacturing. We also manufacture our own minerals and put your health first! I have tested and tested other products similar to this. 95% of cheep imposters don't product any -orp or last for just a couple days. I believe ours is superior and made in the USA! We have worked very hard developing this Very powerful technology just for you! There is no stronger anti-oxidant then ionized water in world. (Beneficial info under Health menu)

State Of the Art NEW! Vitamin C Showerhead

Youthwaters Vitamin C Shower Filter is formulated with and made of 100 % natural and food grade Vitamin C, making it the best and safest way to remove chlorine from the tap water, and it is an ideal method to protect the sensitive skin from the chlorine. The topical use of Vitamin C works as an anti-oxidant on the skin and makes hair shinier and softer. Vitamin C has long been recognized as playing an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful-looking skin. Vitamin C helps to assist with skin disorders, prevent dry skin, lines and wrinkles, and stimulates collagen production for a great anti-aging product. SONAKI products also promote healthier, more manageable hair and prevents dry, itchy scalp. Removes 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from tap water by using Vitamin C filter, a Filter life is up to 3,000 gallons,
Clear Showerhead

Generates high concentration of negative ions (anions), Emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR), Opens up hair cuticles because of thermal energy, Increases blood circulation throughout the body, Reduces the effect of DHT and helps prevent hair loss, Alleviate eczema and other skin irritations, Repairs gradually traction alopecia,  Repairs chemical damages, Keep skin baby soft and smooth, Improves natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of skin at optimum level, Increase shampoo lather and cleanse deeply, Soften water and help eliminate the effect of chlorine, Seal in moisture and strengthen hair
Strength Stability Bracelet: Medium Black $12.95
Bracelets on Today Show!!
Strength Stability is a youthwater  technology that uses holograms embedded with frequencies and negative ion's that react positively with your body’s natural energy field. Increasing Strength • Stability • Flexibility + Has 1,250 Negative ion's to protection from things like cell phones,computers, TV's etc. Increasing Blood Oxygen,strengthens immune system.

•How does it work? Every cell in your body operate's on a frequency or electrical charge. We custom built this bracelet to raise your cells freq in your body to 7.8mhz where they should be. Cancer patients and people with disease have a lower freq. Imagine the results!
See!! Shaquille O'Neal - On Balance Bracelet!!
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This is a portable water filter that converts regular water into alkaline and ionized water that anyone can drink anywhere. The Life span for this filter is aprox 1-2 months.

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Replacement cost $15.00
Blue Lightning Laundry ball Refill. It's always best to replace the contents about every 5 months to insure proper maximum efficiency in cleaning.
Blue Lightning Laundry Balls!!!
Setup For Monthly Auto-Ship: Or ever 5 Month's
Blue Lightning Laundry Balls Refill $15.00
Wash your clothes for about $3.50 a month.
Now! With! Double Strength Cleaning Power!
Setup For Monthly Auto-Ship: Or Every 4 Month's
Shower Head Refill Kit.. $15.00
Getting Started Opportunity
Getting Started Opportunity: $99.99
Getting Started Opportunity
.75 oz PH Test Reagent $4.00
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Healing Powers Video:
According to Chinese traditional medical theory, soles has over 60 points, most of them are reflex areas and main venation junctions, simultaneously amount of the waste in the body gather there. Toxin congregating in the body for a long time will cumber blood circulation resulting in various sicknesses.

  Foot patches have a strong absorbability of working in blood lymph circulation which absorbs waste that gathers in the body. Using purging patches can also expel the toxins from the body more effectively, improve blood circulation, adjust incretion and cleanse the skin. It also helps improve movability of the waist, shoulder, knees and legs. Sleep patterns and memory should also improve.

Detox Foot Patch: $15.00
Titanium will relax our spirit, muscles and increase our motor function.
It will also increase of blood circulation which will help eliminate pain and fatigue.
Titanium has anti radiation protection from things like cell phones,computers, TV's etc.

Germanium Has:
Far infrared ray can deeply go into our body, absorb toxic substances, and heavy metals. This can help keep our bodies detoxed, improve blood circulation, and help relieve fatigue. Other functions include, increase body immunity, help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and stress.

Germanium, Titanium Bracelet.. $25.00
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Just like the Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant - this is an ionized card the size of credit card. It is ionized at about 2600 ions. Just put it in your pocket, wallet or purse. Benefits of Quantum Ion Energy Card : 1. Improve blood circulation 2. Improve stamina, endurance and strength 3. Alleviate soreness, aches & pains, and improve flexibility 4. Energize blood cells & reduce stiffness 5. Calm the mind & improve focus and concentration 6. Strengthen the body's bio-energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves 7. Use water energized with Quantum Pendant for washing your face to improve complexion 8. Place it underneath your skincare bottles to improve their absorption and efficacy 9. Leave it in the refrigerator to keep your food fresher longer 10. Reduces inflammation 11. Help to prevent DNA from damage
Quantum Pendant Card: $3.00
Testing our body's pH is of great importance. You should test your body's pH Several times a week.  How do we know these products we are selling are really working?  Test your pH before using any of our alkaline products then wait 3 days and test again. You will be amazed how fast your body pH increases. Once your body's pH is normal (7.3) many functionality of our health will change. pH is the #1 factor in our health and being over acidic makes us over weight.
Scalar-Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield. Scalar-Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.

Health Benefits, Reduces inflammation, Promotes unclumping of cells, Enhances circulation, Enhances immune and endocrine systems, Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria, Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification, Enhances cellular permeability, Increases energy, Helps to protect DNA from damage, Helps to retard the aging process, Helps to fight cancer cells, Strengthens the body’s biofield, Preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health, Increases focus and concentration

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pH Phenol Is used to test water Alkalinity & Acidly. Use it to test the tap water, Bottle water, Clear soda, Alcohol etc. See the color difference. Great for demonstrations!!!
Replacement Insert
Stage 2 !!! The Most Powerful yet around!!

Press Here!
Stage 2 is out!! The most powerful yet around!

                   Press Here to Learn more
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Buy extra brochures for the people you want to reach out and help. Let them know what kind of benefits the water has done for you.
Youthwaters Main Brochure 25 piece: $10.00
Build your business with the best marketing tool around. Set the healthy news in different stores and locations. Looks just like a newspaper so they can be placed anywhere. The paper doesn't sell a product, just has your name ,phone number, and email address. They are also wonderful just to give out and tell people about the great success  you have had just being alkaline and how it has changed your life.  Click Here to find out! (If you order labels get the ones with "for a free sample of alkaline antioxidant water vol.17 No. 4")
Healthy News
Amazon Promotion
Strength Stability Bracelet Small Pink $12.95
Strength Stability Bracelet Small Black $12.95

Strength Stability Bracelet Large Black:$12.95
Our Pendants
What is a Bio-Disc? "It is a glass made up of 13 technically engineered natural minerals which have been structurally bonded using high heat fusion methods." It emits Scalar Energy i.e.: Energy that drives life which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid (especially water), to rejuvenate its natural molecular chains. The Bio-Disc has other sister products like Chi Pendants and AMWands all designed to serve different purposes. Generally, the benefits of the bio-disc product fall under two main categories: 1. Body energy frequency benefits: It maintains body energy levels at the optimum and best operating level of all body cells and repels negative energy frequencies like electromagnetic energy (e-smog) from computers, mobile phones, microwaves and TV sets. These always distort our natural energy. 2. Wellness of the body benefits: It boosts the immune system to optimum levels by detoxifying the body. It has also been reported to increase Pain Resistance Potential in addition to reducing the effects of aging.
Drink water treated with the Bio Disc to increase your harmony and energy levels
Facilitate transfer of nutrients and enhance the biocompatibility of water to get more out of your water
Decrease energy imbalances and redistribute pooled energy in your body
Feel refreshed and rejuvenated
Bio Disk: $75.00
Strength Stability Bracelet Medium Clear $12.95
Strength Stability Bracelet Medium Glow $12.95

Strength Stability Bracelet Medium Pink $12.95
Stage 2 is out!!! Same great benefits as the alkaline pen.
Watch The Video. See how powerful the water becomes!
Our Shower Heads
I am an absolute skeptic when it comes to ordering just about anything. This bracelet is amazing. I have more energy, less pain, my fatigue has practically disappeared. What I absolutely love is that my anxiety level has dramatically decreased and I sleep more peacefully. I plan on buying another one in the near future. *This time in medium because the large was a bit too big for my wrist.
5.0 out of 5 stars So Awesome ^_^, September 10, 2011
By D. Morrison
I am experiencing amazing results with the bracelets. I wore it on my left hand for a while. I slightly have carpel tunnel in my right so I switched it to that wrist and I am having less pain in it. Very intriguing!!
5.0 out of 5 stars excellent, July 30, 2011
By Maarie - See all my reviews
The Most Powerful yet! Looking for the extreme health! look for the STRENGTHSTABILITY BRACELET and receive all the energies. 3 Scalar quantum, Negative ion, + our own tech. Both work in unison.
Cell Phone EMF Protection - A Must Today!

In this modern world knowingly or unknowingly we expose ourselves to many invisible hazards. We are hooked on wireless technology and there is a negative side effect to all of this. Evidence shows that just a few minutes of mobile use begins to heat brain tissue and affect the cells. Dr David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York says 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the United Kingdom have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use mobiles. Even though it is universally accepted that electromagnetic radiations emitted from mobile phones is bound to affect our health and wellbeing, we tend to ignore this as people have become totally dependent on mobile phones. We are subjecting ourselves and our loved ones to this external stress and harmful EMF day in and day out. Just because we can't see radiation, doesn't mean it is not there effecting us in a negative way. Fortunately there is a solution, using our Mobile Phone Anti Radiation stick on a mobile phones neutralizes harmful EMF radiation emitted from mobiles without affecting in any way the functioning of the mobile phone. It is tested and proven. A Mobile Phone Anti Radiation stick can be used to harmonize EMF emitted from mobile phones as well as other electronic gadgets such as Lap Tops, Computers and Cordless Phones. These stickers are made from special metals and minerals that are known to absorb radiation. Extends stand by time. Battery life up to 2 times Longer.
Limited Time Free Shipping!! Cell Phone Emf Protector and Battery Extender :$5.95
Strength Stability Bracelet Small Clear $12.95
Strength Stability Bracelet Large Clear $12.95
Strength Stability Bracelet Medium Blue Glow $12.95
Strength Stability Bracelet Small Blue Glow $12.95
Strength Stability Bracelet Large Blue Glow $12.95
Gain Energy, Proven Technology!
Helps Concentration and focus
Very fashionable
The strongest bracelet on the market
Lift more at the gym, Work out longer
The Strength Stability Bracelet. The First of It's Kind Rated #1. Add it to Your Immune System, Energy. Surge of Energy When You Put It On. Real Science Behind This. Proprietary Tech.
Alkaline Ionized Stage 1 Pen  $9.95
First Stage Close Out!!! New High Ph - Alkaline Ionized Hydrogen Microcluster Water Pen Including Trace Minerals - See, Feel, and Taste the Difference. Created From Youthwaters Scientific Team. Guaranteed Results!! for Your Health. Made in the USA
We have brought back the Stage One Close Out  Alkaline Ionized Pen for a short period of time. Do to the overwhelming demand if you haven't tried one before this is the ultimate way of learning and experiencing  the power of ionized water at a more cost effective way. 90% of our users switch to the stage 2  to gain the maximum results.
5.0 out of 5 stars I'm surprised this product actually works..., February 13, 2011
By Dawn M. 
I am a keen skeptic. Especially about companies selling pro-health and well being products. I've researched Cellphone EMFs and their effects, which explained my headaches and fatigue. So I've invested in the EMF Anti-Radiation Protector strip and noticed that I no longer feel energetically overwhelmed, my head/eye aches and fatigue are gone. I'm surprised to the point where I'm almost embarrassed when I tell my friends and co-workers about this little strip that made a huge difference. I encourage you to invest in this product instead of whatever you were about to invest your $10 for. BTW: This product doesn't improve the battery life of your phone. But that's trivial compared to no longer having headaches and fatigue. Thanks guys. Good Job!
Hydro Pen Stage 3  $26.95
3 x the hydrogen. pH values 9-10.3 Twice as fast as before and you can use 25oz of water. This product is twice the size and last twice as long.
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