Bamboo Vinegar                       38.8%
Wood Vinegar                           38.6%
Natural mineral powder                  8%
Tourmaline                                   2.1%
Chitosan                                          5%
Trace element                             0.7%
negative ion                                 3.2%
Orange refined oil.                         3%
Vitamin C                                     0.6%

1.    Tourmaline? it can release negative ion and far infrared ray,which can accelerate blood circulation, eliminate pressure, make spirit fresh and enhance immune system.
Study show that the energy form tourmaline can promote blood circulation and metabolism.
It will make rubbish and toxin in our body pass cytomembrane and surround lymphatic system and blood system. The percentage of tourmaline is best level to play effective role

2.    The wood vinegar Distillate: it is extracted with low temperature-drying method, to make sure that each active ingredient will stay working.
Through reaction to sole and related meridians reflection area,the wood vinegar distillate and so on can permeate and take part in Circulatory system,so the toxin between cells will be absorbed. These toxin,fat are intercepted at foot acupuncture point and related meridians reflection area,and then move to foot patch.

3.    Bamboo Vinegar Distillate is extracted from bamboo,it can effectively remove toxin and extra damp in body, clean our body, beautify skin,improve sub-health.Bamboo vinegar distillate has strong infiltration and detoxify capacity.It can last 8 hours,and exhaust toxin and waste in endocrine system, intestinal canal and circulation system.It can clear away melanin and color spots, relieve constipation, lessen fatigue,improve subjective sleep quality,ease stress on Neck, shoulder, waist, back and arms and legs.
Bamboo vinegar distillate has lipophilicity,so it can absorb grease from blood of blood capillary and lymphatic system.After grease in blood become less,the grease ion in fat will spread to blood,and it will be absorbed again,so it can lessen fat and keep slim.

4.    The Carapace adopt shuck fossil. After dozens of procedure it will become
water-solubility small molecule carapace.  It can increase cell defence capacity,
prevent diseases,restrain aging,improve disease heal and adjust body's

5.Negative ion: Negative ion can help balance nerve system,enhance immune system, accelerate metabolism. It has following functions: enhance body immune system; promote infiltration capacity of cytolemma;increase Cytoplasm's transport capacity and make it with strong tension;strengthen nervous autonomic