Getting Started Opportunity w/ Alkaline Pen:
Getting Started Opportunity 2 w/ Alkaline Thermos:
Getting Started Opportunity:

The following kit will get you started on your way to perfect health and earning extra income.  It includes the following:

1.  $10.00 value per year to run your back office, online sales materials ( business cards, brochures, etc.), a replicable website, and online eCommerce web store.

2.  a) $70.00 - Getting started Option #1: 2 Alkaline Ionized Micro cluster pen's with laser engraved stainless steel cases. 

~ OR ~

    b) $60.00 - Getting Started Option #2- 1 Alkaline Ionized Micro cluster Blue Thermos with laser engraved Logo design w/ replacement filter compatibility.

3.  $9.00 - Two (2)  1-oz bottles of pH Phenol red dye testing solution.

4.  $10.00 - 80 pH test Strips 

5.   $30.00 - Free Power Balance Bracelet

6.  3 free color brochures about Alkaline Ionized Water

Total retail Value of $129.00 (with two alkalized pens) or $119.00 (with thermos)

Online Distributor Wholesale Cost of $100.00 - save $19 - $29

How to make Fast Start Bonus money and return your investment.

Sell 1 Alkaline Pen for                          $55.00 Retail
Sell Your Power Balance Bracelet       $30.00 Retail
Money returned to you from your purchase:  $85.00
Earn a Fast Start Bonus of $25.00 from selling a Start up Package