Youthwaters instructions

I want to thank you very much for purchasing our products. We have worked very hard in offering the finest quality around. I would like to explain how to prepare your alkaline pen and or thermos.

1. To clean: Use 2 bottle waters to clean the minerals inside the alkaline products because they have ceramic dust on them. Keep about 1/3 of a bottle with water ,shake sideways and dump, repeat 4 times. You will notice the cloudy water starting to clear up. Then on the 5th time, fill Ĺ the bottle with water again (turn bottle sideways) wait about 5 min and dump.. Now your ready to start making fresh alkaline ionized micro cluster water with fresh minerals.

The thermos will need more cleaning at the beginning . Make sure you remove the alkaline filter cartridge before using any kind of soap in it. Do not use in dishwasher! If needed, refer to the website under health for removing the filter cartridge. Turn the thermos upside down and tap it a little hard on your palm until the cartridge falls out in your hand. In order to re-insert it you may need a tool to press the cartridge until it snaps into place in the center of the thermos

2. Try to stay away from tap water because the water is usually hard and has to many toxins in it..(Refer to the website under (health) for more information)

3. Reverse osmosis water usually called purified bottled water (16.9oz) is best used because it is stripped of all minerals (good and bad), + chemicals. The pens and thermos have around 40 fresh minerals in them. I recommend room temperature water, it works faster, helps the minerals get into the water better, and is much better for the body.

4. At the beginning, always fill with water and shake for about 1 minute and then let the water sit. We recommend to shake every few min if you want to help speed the process up...When using the thermos turn upside down and right side up till you hear the water moving over the filter. It will take about 8-10 minutes to make the water alkaline, 15-20 min for medium strength, and 30-60 minutes for strong water. Please keep in mind these products are very strong and will detox you if you drink the water with the alkaline products left in the first few days. (refer to website under health for detoxing) You may always leave the tube in or let the water sit in the thermos for extended periods of time or all the time. Everyone will be different depending on your body. Itís always best to start slow depending on the state of your health. Even one or 2 glassís of water a day will provide lots of benefits. Major health benefits can be obtained by drinking 2 liters a day. The rule is to drink Ĺ you body in ounces of water per day.

**We always recommend changing your alkaline filter every 30 days for best results.**

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Learn more about your Alkaline Ionized Water & your health under the HEALTH MENU on our web site.

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Thank you again, and good health to all.