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A replicable website with information on products, company, compensation plan and sign-up forms, Online sales
materials includes, Pdf files to print your own brochures, Online.. just press play video's, and business cards pre
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A paypal account is required in order to be part of the Youthwaters distribution process. This
is how we send and receive money's on the system. Your replicated website and distributor ship yearly cost is Free.

can personalized your website with your own name, and email address.


Youthwaters Residual Referral Compensation Plan:

Our pay plan is simple and easy.

Just send people to your free replicated website (this is your own e-commerce website) Don't forget to enroll!! Earn 10% of what every they purchase 5 levels down (below will explain). We will deposit the money directly into you paypal account once a month. You pay us nothing! We will be sending you the money. No purchase necessary.


All you need to do is open a paypal account and Youthwaters pay's out a total of 50% commission of most of our wholesale products to your entire network.

Here is a example of how Youthwaters system works with our current special

YOU CAN ACHIEVE a  extra income because our system is simple and easy. Earn extra money to make
that car payment or even a house payment. People today are always looking for a extra income in a recession,
Especially when the product doesn't exceed  and average of $70.00 and some of our products are designed to
save you money in the future. Our new simple designed system pays out 5 Levels deep. We are in a testing faze and
the payout system will change in the future.

Here's is a example:

Jim buys $100.00 worth of products Which he signs up mike and mike sign's up Marie and so on...

Level 1 Mike     Collects 10%              = $10.00
Level 2 Marie   Collects 10%               = $10.00
Level 3 Steve   Collects 10%               =$10.00
Level 4 Mindy   Collects 10%               =$10.00
Level 5 Betty    Collects 10%               =$10.00    Total Payout to Jim   50%=$50.00

Unlimited width.            Means..Example: mike's business gross's $5000.00 a month then you collect  $500.00
                                                    Example: Marie business gross's   $10,000   a month then you collect  $1000.00
                                                    Example: Steve's business Gross's $7000.00  a month then you collect $700.00
Your monthly pay out is $2500.00 a month.....

This is only 1 leg.. You can start as many Leg's as you want..Unlimited... now what's the potential????
I personal think a goal should be.. too be able to pay for your product for free. Then raise your goal's, go for
for your car payment.. You Decide......

Attain your dreams with Youthwaters and help people all around the world.. Make yourself healthy, then, help make others healthy too....